The good news is Jeff Fillingame wins his first VRA Sprint Car Main ever and the bad news he flipped his car after taking the checkered flag.

Chris Meredith wins the Senior Sprint Main and goes back out in front in points.

Jarrett Kramer is still undefeated at Ventura by winning another California Lightning Sprint Feature.

Jessica Smith makes it two in a row with another feature win in the VRA  Hobby Stock division.

David Prickett wins the WMR Midget Main.

Tim Foy wins the Focus Midget Main.

Ventura Raceway was in action Saturday night July 6th, with a race program featuring VRA Sprints, VRA Senior Sprints, WMR/Focus Midgets, Hobby Stocks and Lightning Sprints.

Once again a small field of VRA Sprints and Senior Sprints had the two classes combined for their 20 lap Main event. Five cars were signed in to each class for the night’s action. The race was a hard fought battle in each of the two classes with Chris Meredith taking the Senior win over Wally Pankratz, Mike Cook, Mike English and Mark Sheppard. In the VRA Sprint portion of the event, Jeff Fillingame took his first ever win over Rick Hendrix, Brent Owens, Gage Rucker and Geoffrey Strole. The event was a strange one with Strole flipping on the warm up lap and Fillingame flipping at the checkered flag as he crossed the finish line. Fillingame emerged from his damaged racer to do his winners interview, expressing his joy in winning his first sprint car race ever. Heat race wins in these two classes went to Geoffrey Strole in Sprints and Wally Pankratz in Senior Sprints.

The very popular California Lightning Sprints were also on hand Saturday night. Eighteen cars were on hand to run three heats and a 25 lap feature. The heat race wins went to Bruce Douglass, in heat one. Heat two went to Jarrett Kramer and heat three went to Bobby Michnowicz. The 25 lap main was a very fast race that saw Jarrett Kramer to take the win, his third in a row at Ventura. Following Kramer to the line were Doug Nunes, A J Bender, Aiden Lange and Eric Greco.

The WMR Midgets were on hand with 7 cars in this new class competing along with three Focus midgets. Heat race action saw wins by Dwayne Marcum in WMR Midgets and Wally Pankratz in Focus Midgets. Their combined main event saw the WMR win go to David Prickett, followed by 14 year-old Brody Fuson, Randi Pankratz, Keoni Texeira and Blake Hendricks, while the Focus win went to Tim Foy.

The final class racing Saturday night was the VRA Hobby Stocks. There were five cars signed in. They ran one heat race that was won by Ricky Lewis. The wild, crash-filled , twenty lap main event went to Alyssa Smith, for her second win in a row. Following her across the line was Tom Stephens Jr and Ryan Changus. After six races, Tom Stevens Jr. leads Ricky Lewis in the points race by 65 points.

Ventura Raceway will be back in action on Saturday, July 13th, with a full program of exciting racing featuring VRA Sprints, Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and a very special Demolition Derby. This event will celebrate the upcoming 2019 Ventura County Fair, set to begin on July 31st.

Ventura Raceway Race Results for 07/06/2019

VRA Sprint Cars
Race #9 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Jeff Fillingame, Santa Paula, 20 Laps; 2. Rick Hendrix, Palmdale, 20 Laps; 3. Brent Owens, Rancho Cucamunga, 20 Laps; 4. Gage Rucker, Truxton, MO, 20 Laps; 5. Geoffrey Strole, Handford, Did not start
Lap Leaders: Rick Hendrix (1-6), Jeff Fillingame (7-20)

Heat Race Winners: Extreme Mufflers Heat 1: Geoffrey Strole

Top 10 in points: 1. Rick Hendrix, 2080; 2. Charlie Butcher, 1675; 3. Kyle Smith, 900; 4. Joey Bishop, 655; 5. Gage Rucker, 545; 6. Kenny Perkins, 535; 7. Ricky Lewis, 510; 7. Chris Meredith, 510; 9. Tyler Edwards, 460; 10. Jeff Fillingame, 450


VRA Senior Sprints
Race #8 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Chris Meredith, Thousand Oaks, 20 Laps; 2. Wally Pankratz, Orange, 20 Laps; 3. Mike Cook, Long Beach, 20 Laps; 4. Mike English, Norwalk, 20 Laps; 5. Mark Sheppard, Las Vegas, NV, 20 Laps

Heat Race Winners: SpinTech Mufflers Heat 1: Wally Pankratz

Top 10 in points: 1. Chris Meredith, 1855; 2. Wally Pankratz, 1845; 3. Bruce Douglass, 1230; 4. Greg Andrews, 950; 5. Paul Mircik, 875; 6. Danny Parrish, 815; 7. Mark Sheppard, 680; 8. Mike English, 530; 9. Brian Drollinger, 400; 10. Tyler Hatzikian, 375


Cal. Lightning Sprints
Race #4 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Jarrett Kramer, Spring Valley, 25 Laps; 2. Doug Nunes, Kingsburg, 25 Laps; 3. A. J. Bender, San Diego, 25 Laps; 4. Aiden Lange, Lakewood, 25 Laps; 5. Eric Greco, Palmdale, 25 Laps; 6. Cody Nigh, Camarillo, 25 Laps; 7. Bruce Douglass, Ventura, 25 Laps; 8. Gage Cheek, Valencia, 25 Laps; 9. Dominic Del Monte, Gardena, 25 Laps; 10. Jason Arnolde, Santee, 25 Laps; 11. Bobby Michnowicz, Lomita, 24 Laps; 12. James Heling, San Bernardino, 24 Laps; 13. Jonathon Conley, Camarillo, 24 Laps; 14. Pat Kelly, Chino, 23 Laps; 15. Greg Sandling, Castaic, 21 Laps; 16. Jeff Dyer, Bermuda Dunes, 4 Laps; 17. Wink Schweitzer, Bakersfield, 4 Laps; 18. Jon Robertson, Torrance, 0 Laps

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Bruce Douglass; Heat 2: Jarrett Kramer; Heat 3: Bobby Michnowicz

Top 10 in points:


VRA Hobby Stocks
Race #6 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Alyssa Smith, Norco, 20 Laps; 2. Tom Stephens Jr, Ventura, 14 Laps; 3. Ryan Changus, Fillmore, 20 Laps; 4. Mike Stanford, Oxnard, 13 Laps; 5. Ricky Lewis, Camarillo, 13 Laps
Lap Leaders: Tom Stephens Jr (1-14), Alyssa Smith (15-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Ricky Lewis

Top 10 in points: 1. Tom Stephens Jr, 1255; 2. Ryan Changus, 1190; 3. Ricky Lewis, 1100; 4. Alyssa Smith, 1035; 5. Chris Whitford, 490; 6. Jeff Houghton, 375; 7. Ricky Roberts, 345; 8. Matt McEwan, 240; 9. Justin Jackson, 235; 10. Aaron Bruce, 220


Focus Midgets
Race #4 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Tim Foy, Ojai, 20 Laps; 2. Tres Van Dyne, 16 Laps

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Wally Pankratz

Top 10 in points: 1. Tim Foy, 965; 2. Tres Van Dyne, 700; 3. Steve Durant, 255; 3. Mike Leach Jr., 255; 5. Mike Leach Sr., 215; 6. Marvin Mitchell, 185; 7. Wally Pankratz, 40


Western Midgets – WMR
Race #4 07/06/2019

Main Event Results: 1. David Prickett, Fresno, 20 Laps; 2. Brody Fuson, Bakersfield, 20 Laps; 3. Randi Pankratz, Atascadero, 20 Laps; 4. Keoni Texeira, Honalulu, HI, 20 Laps; 5. Blake Hendricks, Simi Valley, 16 Laps; 6. Brennan Rogers, Camarillo, 15 Laps; 7. Tyler Slay, Watsonville, 10 Laps
Lap Leaders: Brody Fuson (1-18), David Prickett (19-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Dwayne Marcum

Top 10 in points: 1. David Prickett, 845; 2. Randi Pankratz, 765; 3. Keoni Texeira, 430; 4. Jackson Dukes, 415; 5. Blake Hendricks, 370; 6. Jessica Swanson, 255; 7. Tyler Edwards, 250; 8. Charlie Butcher, 245; 9. Brody Fuson, 225; 10. George Ito, 205; 10. Jimmy May, 205


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