Kyle Smith wins the VRA Sprint Car Main.

Jason Horton wins the VRA Dwarf Car Main.

Danny Lauer wins the IMCA Modified Main.

Scott Niven takes the NMRA Midget Main checkers.

Andrew Ellis wins the 100cc Pit Bike Main.

Nicholas Langstrop wins the 125cc Pit Bike Main.

John Tinsley wins the 250/450cc Motocross Flat Track Main.

Ventura Raceway opened its new 2019 season on a cool, clear, breezy, Saturday night. Four car classes and three motorcycle classes were on hand to get the season underway. Fans in attendance were treated to some exciting racing as drivers began their season-long quest to see who will become track champions this year.

VRA Sprint Cars had eleven cars on hand, led by 2018 series champion Kyle Smith. Smith started the new season where he left off, in 2018, with a 30 lap feature win over Charlie Butcher, Rick Hendrix, Tyler Hatzikian and Danny Parrish. Smith took the lead from pole starter Tyler Hatzikian on lap 11 and was never headed. They ran two heat races with wins being taken by Kyle Smith and Danny Parrish.

IMCA Modifieds were back with 16 cars signed into the pits. They ran two heat races, with wins going to Austin Rodarte and Danny Lauer. The 20 lap main event was fast and furious with Austin Grabowski leading laps one and two. Danny Lauer then took control on lap 3 and led to the finish taking the win over 2018 track champion Trevor Fitzgibbon, who drove from the back of the field to finish second. Following Lauer and Fitzgibbon across the line were Dave Phipps, Austin Grabowski and Jack Parker.

VRA Pro Dwarf Cars opened their season with 14 cars signing into the pits. They ran two heat races with wins going to Jason Horton and Brad Curnel. Horton then went on to take their 20 lap feature. He took the lead from Tom Morley on lap 7 and then led to the checkered flag, taking the win over Tommy Velasquez III, Tom Stevens SR., Nick Velasquez and Tommy Velasquez.

NMRA TQ Midgets were on hand with nine cars in attendance. They ran two heats with wins going to Chris Thomas and West Evans. Their 20 lap main event went to Scott Niven over West Evans.

The three motorcycle classes had wins in their main events go to Andrew Ellis in the 100cc Pit Bikes, Nicholas Langstrop in the 125cc Pit Bike Class and John Tinsley in the 250/450cc Motocross Flat Track Class. These three classes will run again on April 20.

Ventura Raceway returns to action on Saturday March 23, with the first USAC/VRA ARP Battle at the Beach race for 360 Sprint Cars. Also on tap that night will be VRA Senior Sprints, VRA Dwarf Cars and California Lightning Sprints.


Main Event Results: 1. Kyle Smith, Moorpark, 30 Laps; 2. Charlie Butcher, Santa Barbara, 30 Laps; 3. Rick Hendrix, Palmdale, 30 Laps; 4. Tyler Hatzikian, El Segundo, 30 Laps; 5. Danny Parrish, Anchorage, Alaska, 30 Laps; 6. Tyler Williams, Suwanee, Georgia, 30 Laps; 7. Gage Rucker, 30 Laps; 8. Chris Meredith, Thousand Oaks, 30 Laps; 9. Dillon Osborne, Corona, 29 Laps; 10. Kenny Perkins, Newport Beach, 5 Laps; 11. Joey Bishop, Camarillo, 0 Laps
Lap Leaders: Tyler Hatzikian (1-11), Kyle Smith (12-30)

Heat Race Winners: Extreme Mufflers Heat 1: Kyle Smith; Saldana Racing Products Heat 2: Danny Parrish

Top 10 in points: 1. Kyle Smith, 260; 2. Charlie Butcher, 225; 3. Rick Hendrix, 220; 4. Tyler Hatzikian, 205; 4. Danny Parrish, 205; 6. Tyler Williams, 175; 7. Gage Rucker, 170; 7. Chris Meredith, 170; 9. Kenny Perkins, 165; 10. Dillon Osborne, 155


VRA Pro Dwarf Cars
Race #1 03/16/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Jason Horton, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 2. Tommy Velasquez III, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 3. Tom Stephens Sr, Ventura, 20 Laps; 4. Nick Velasquez, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 5. Tommy Velasquez, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 6. Korey Cowan, Lancaster, 20 Laps; 7. Bill Vint Jr., 20 Laps; 8. Tony Margott, Semi Valley, 20 Laps; 9. Tom Morley, Woodland Hills, 18 Laps; 10. Brad Curnel, Palmdale, 12 Laps; 11. Jeff Brink, Ventura, 10 Laps; 12. Kevin Calvo, Agua Dulce, 10 Laps; 13. Trent Morley, Woodland Hills, 9 Laps; 14. Zach Curnel, Palmdale, 7 Laps
Lap Leaders: Tom Morley (1-7), Jason Horton (8-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Jason Horton; Heat 2: Brad Curnel

Top 10 in points: 1. Jason Horton, 260; 2. Tommy Velasquez III, 235; 3. Tom Stephens Sr, 205; 4. Nick Velasquez, 200; 5. Tommy Velasquez, 185; 6. Brad Curnel, 170; 7. Tom Morley, 165; 7. Korey Cowan, 165; 9. Bill Vint Jr., 155; 9. Tony Margott, 155; 9. Jeff Brink, 155


IMCA Modifieds
Race #1 03/16/2019

Main Event Results: 1. Danny Lauer, Nipomo, 20 Laps; 2. Trevor Fitzgibbon, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 3. Dave Phipps, Simi Valley, 20 Laps; 4. Austin Grabowski, Riverside, 20 Laps; 5. Jack Parker, Simi Valley, 20 Laps; 6. Heath Denney, 20 Laps; 7. Brandon Jennings, Lancaster, 20 Laps; 8. Andrew Greiman, Newbury Park, 20 Laps; 9. Kevin Hocking, Hungiton Beach, 20 Laps; 10. Scott Olsen, Ventura, 20 Laps; 11. Aaron Rodarte, Ventura, 18 Laps; 12. Terry Hershberger, Corona, 9 Laps; 13. Ryan Lauer, Orcutt, 9 Laps; 14. Dennis Eckert, Canyon Country, 9 Laps; 15. Dylan Thornton, Santa Maria, 8 Laps; 16. Austin Rodarte, Ventura, 4 Laps
Lap Leaders: Austin Grabowski (1-2), Danny Lauer (3-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Austin Rodarte; Heat 2: Danny Lauer

Top 10 in points: 1. Danny Lauer, 40; 2. Trevor Fitzgibbon, 39; 3. Dave Phipps, 38; 4. Austin Grabowski, 37; 5. Jack Parker, 36; 6. Heath Denney, 35; 7. Brandon Jennings, 34; 8. Andrew Greiman, 33; 9. Kevin Hocking, 32; 10. Scott Olsen, 31


Race #1 03/16/2019

Main Event Results: 0. Don Mosley, Ohio, 0 Laps0. Paul Sanders, Huntington Beach, 0 Laps0. Bruce Hiroshima, Camarillo, 0 Laps0. Chris Thomas, La Habra, 0 Laps0. West Evans, Moorpark, 0 Laps0. Scott Niven, Moorpark, 0 Laps0. Ace Kale, Westminister, 0 Laps0. Kevin Kale, Westminister, 0 Laps0. Don Brashier, Long Beach, 0 Laps

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Chris Thomas; Heat 2: Paul Sanders


Report Created by Ventura Raceway Scoring Program