Ventura Raceway
Destruction Derby Rules

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August 2012

In the interest of safety, anyone entering is subject to and must obey the following rules and regulations.

Driver's Entry
1. Each Driver must:
a. Be a licensed driver of at least 18 years of age;
b. Complete and sign an entry form; and
c. Sign a Waiver of Liability
2. Entry Deadlines and Fees. Entry deadlines and fees to be posted at a later date.
3. Pre-Inspection -- July 21. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Any questions on cars and/or pre-entries can be done on this date at the Ventura Raceway office (2810 West Wooley Rd, Oxnard, CA 93035) from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Bring your car if you have questions.
4. Pit Area Access. Each entrant will receive one (1) wristband, which must be worn as you enter the gate. All other people entering the pit area will be required to purchase a wristband prior to entry.
5. Proof of Ownership. All drivers must supply their own car and have proof of ownership (Title or Bill of Sale) at the time of inspection. VIN #'s must be intact.
7. All drivers' mechanics, helpers, etc. will answer to track officials or the offending team member and the driver will be subject to disqualification and/or removal from the premises.
8. Once on the track, drivers must answer to the Presiding Track Official(s).
9. Inspection of cars will start at 12:00 pm on the day of the Demolition Derby and will end at 5:00 pm. All cars that pass inspection will be given a flag to be placed in driver's side window. Drivers' meeting will be held at 7:00 pm (MANDATORY). All cars must pass inspection prior to start of Drivers' meeting.
10. Any driver who fails to obey these rules will be disqualified.

Participation Rules
1. Any STOCK American-made 1980 or newer hardtop or station wagon may be used. No limousines, hearses, ambulances, convertibles, truck chassis, vans, jeeps, four wheelers, or checkers will be allowed. All cars must have ORIGINAL FACTORY FRONT CRADLE.
2. Your car will be inspected before and after the Demolition Derby. Top 5 cars will be required to pass a post-derby inspection before any awards will be distributed.
3. Helmet. Helmets must be SA2000 or newer. No "M" rated helmets will be permitted. All helmets will be required to pass technical inspection.
4. Attire. ALL ATTIRE will be subject to inspection and must protect from fire, abrasions and sharp objects. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves and eye protection are mandatory on the track. Fire suits are highly recommended. NON-FIRE SUIT ATTIRE MUST BE PRE-APPROVED.
5. Driver's Seat and Seatbelts. Driver's seat must be securely fastened, bolted or welded to floor. The required seatbelts must be in good working condition and have shoulder belt. (Racing harness recommended.)
6. Cars must be clean. Wheel balance weights must be removed. All glass, including head and taillights, MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE ENTERING THE TRACK INFIELD, as well as, ALL CHROME TRIM, door handles, locks, window trim, etc. ALL GLASS MUST BE REMOVED FROM CAR INTERIOR AND DOORS. Trunk and interior must be empty and no weight of any kind may be added. For example, no junk tires, wheels, metal parts, glass, etc. (PLEASE DO NOT DUMP PARTS ON TRACK INFIELD)
7. No profanity painted/displayed on cars will be permitted. THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT.
8. Numbers. All cars must have numbers visible on both sides and roof of the car (18" minimum).
9. Brakes. All cars must have working brakes before inspection and at the start of the demolition derby.
10. Engines. Engine mounts may be chained or welded. Engine swapping is allowed (GM to Ford, Ford to Chevy, etc.) No cutting of firewall to fit engines. Headers may exit straight up through the hood and must extend above windshield. Distributor protector may be used but only bolted to motor and/or transmission. No kicker to inside cage bar, frame or body.
11. No motor plates or extra motor mounts.
12. Driver's Compartment. Driver's compartment must have a pipe behind the driver's seat and across the dash (maximum 3" diameter). No kickers behind driver's seat, through firewall or through body sheet metal. Halo bars or simple roll cage to protect driver are highly recommended. Driver's door must be reinforced with a door bar or plate. Passenger side may have bar inside driver's compartment.
13. Gas tanks. Gas tanks must be constructed of heavy gauge steel. Boat tanks, racing fuel cells or anything along those lines may be used. Any homemade tanks must be pre-approved. A maximum of five (5) gallons of gas will be allowed. ALL TANKS must have steel straps around or brackets welded to the tank and must be SECURED TO THE FLOOR. Rope, wire or any type of rubber tie downs will not be permitted. All tanks must be secured to the floor behind the driver's seat, in the rear seat area as close to the center of the car as possible and not any further back than the position of the back side of original seat mount. This includes station wagons. Also, GAS LINES (if kept in the driver's compartment) MUST BE RUN THROUGH A LARGER HOSE OR PIPE. If the line is run under the car, no protection is required. Electric fuel pumps may be used, but must have on and off switch marked in red to indicate cut-off switch. Cut-off switch must be mounted to dashboard or dash cross posts. THE PIT STEWARD WILL CHECK ALL OF THE ABOVE AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.
14. Battery. Maximum of two (2) automotive batteries will be permitted. Batteries must be SECURELY fastened before inspection on passenger side floor. Solenoid, regulator, modules, etc. may be moved, but must remain under the hood and in front of the firewall. Batteries must be covered prior to going through inspection and enclosed in leak-proof containers.
15. Transmission. Transmission cooler may be used, but must have some type of shield protecting driver in case of cooler rupture.
16. Frame. FRAME MUST BE STOCK. No frame plating for ANY reason inside or out. NO TILTING THE FRAME. No re-welding frame seams anywhere for any reason. Body mounts must remain in place or be replaced with like material. NO STEEL SPACERS. Notching or pre-bending the frame is absolutely prohibited.
17. Suspension. Suspension must be stock. No welding shocks. No truck rear ends; 5 lug only must be automotive type. Trailing arms on rear must be stock appearing (no square tube or boxing upper or lower). Rear coil springs may be wired only to hold coil spring and may not be welded, chained or bolted. NO LEAF SPRING CONVERSIONS. Front arm cannot be solid - must have bounce. Coil spring swapping will be permitted, but must have stock appearance and movement.
18. Tires. Any automotive type tire may be used. Must have DOT number and be street legal. No forklift tires. No wheel weights. No studded tires. No valve stem protectors.
19. Bumpers. Bumpers must be stock bumpers of 80's and newer car and must have stock brackets. NO WELDING. You may chain bumpers to the frame with nuts and bolts. NO WELDING.
20. Body. No wedging or tucking the body. No inner seam welding for any reason.
a. Driver's Door. Driver's door must be painted white and easily identified (black in case of white car). Driver's door must be welded and have some kind of reinforcement. Reinforcement will only be allowed from windshield to 12" past driver's door. Examples: steel plates or tubing inside door cavity (driver door only) or guardrail on outside. Any reinforcement on outside may not protrude more than 2" -- driver's side only, no sharp edges allowed. This is for driver's safety only, not to add competitive advantage.
b. Door. Doors must be chained or welded (no more than 12" of weld per door except driver's door - no exceptions).
c. Trunk. Trunks must be opened for technical inspection and chained shut for the demolition derby. No welding chain to the frame. Three (3) chains maximum, no larger than 1/2" thick. Wire will be permitted in no more than six (6) locations and no larger than #9 wire.
d. Hood. Hoods must be opened for technical inspection and chained shut for the demolition derby. No welding chain to the frame. Three (3) chains maximum, no larger than 1/2" thick. Wire will be permitted in no more than six (6) locations and no larger than #9 wire.
e. Radiators. Radiators must be stock type radiator and remain in original location. No metal strapping on radiators. Bungee cords, tie-down straps, etc. will be permitted.
f. Windshield. Windshield must be removed. Two (2) or three (3) posts must be bolted or welded from roof to dash or firewall. Heavy-duty screen, expanded metal or chain link fencing in front of driver is mandatory.
21. This is an 80's or newer - no weld - demolition derby. The only welding permitted is driver's safety bars (no rear kicker bars), window bars, battery box and fuel cell mounts, motor mounts, driver's door and 12" on all other doors. Welds will be permitted anywhere within the driver's compartment (from firewall to rear cross post, front door to front door, floor to ceiling). No welding permitted through the body to the frame.
22. Previously run cars can only be repaired to similar stock specs -- do not over do it. TECH OFFICIALS' DECISION IS FINAL.
23. Tech officials will disqualify any car they feel has been reshaped for the sole purpose of weakening or strengthening the structure.

Race Night
1. Cars will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds from 12:00 - 5:00 pm on the night of the event. Technical inspections will begin at 12:00pm. Early arrival is highly recommended. Inspection must be completed before you can attend the Drivers' Meeting. Drivers' meeting will begin at 7:00pm -- all drivers MUST attend.
2. Each car must make a hit within 2 minutes. No playing possum.
3. No driver's door hits. If you hit a driver's door and you are not on the brakes and/or the hit looks intentional, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
4. Track boundaries will be observed. Do not push cars out of race area.
5. Stay in cars until after race is over.
6. No electronic communications will be allowed during the race.
7. When red flag and/or red lights are shown, all cars must stop in their tracks. Any cars moving will be disqualified.
8. Any car spilling gas or that has two (2) fires causing red flags will be disqualified.
9. Decision of track officials is final.
10. Any disqualified car and/or driver will not be eligible for any prize money.
11. Top 5 (five) winners will be subject to post-event technical inspection. DO NOT LEAVE TRACK UNTIL INSPECTION IS COMPLETED.
12. All cars must be removed from the premises immediately following the event. No cars will be permitted to remain on the fairgrounds.
13. Purse amounts will be announced at a later date.

For any questions, call Venture Raceway 808-985-5433 or Kody Harper 805-824-3117.