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July 30, 2014 Results

Danny Lauer wins the Fair Race

Danny Lauer #2 first win at Ventura in 2014, has several wins in prior years.

Tim Conley wins number 3 in 2014, and is now 5th in points.

Doug Thornton wins the Hobby Stock Feature for his first win in 2014 at Ventura.

Eric Mulay #16 wins the Fair Demo Derby.

(July 31, 2014, Cliff Morgan, Ventura Raceway) The 2014 Ventura County Fair Motorsports night once again provided racing action for the fans in attendance July 30. With the best in IMCA Modified open wheel stock cars, VRA Dwarf Cars, Hobby Stocks and a Demolition Derby, fans saw some great racing action.

Wednesday night saw 30 IMCA Modifieds signed in for competition. All the best drivers in Southern California and a few from further away were there to go for the $1,000 winners check and the prestige that goes to a Fair winner. There were four heat races held with wins going to Jack Parker, Kyle Heckman, Austin Rodarte and Troy Morris Jr. They then ran a 14 car 12 lap semi main that transferred 6 cars to the feature for the 30 lap main event. Taking the semi main win was Joshua Vogt. The 22 main event cars and drivers then ran a 30 lap feature that was wild and, action filled from lap one to lap 30. Danny Lauer led all 30 laps but he was under constant pressure from Cody Laney who finished second. they were followed to the line by Dylan Coffee, Troy Morris Jr., Larry Hood, Josh Vogt, Brad Pounds, Aaron Rodarte, Austin Rodarte and Kyle Heckman. The hard charger of the race went to Ventura Raceway IMCA point leader, Josh Vogt who started 17 and finished fifth.

Thirty VRA Pro Dwarf Cars also competed on Wednesday night. Pro action saw four heat races run with wins going to Curt Cook in heat one, Tim Conley taking heat two, Bob Brown Jr., taking heat three and Hannah Mayhew took heat four. The 20 lap main event went to Tim Conley followed by Johnathan Henry, David Taft, VRA season point leader Brian Saxton, Mike Neal and Reece Shelton. The race saw three leaders as Johnny Coney led laps1-4, Bob Brown led laps 5-12 and eventual winner Tin Conley took the lead on lap 13 and went on to take the win

The final group racing on Wednesday were our VRA Hobby Stocks. These full sized, V8 powered, American Stock Cars put on an exciting night of racing. Visiting Santa Maria driver Doug Thorton took the 20 lap main event over 2013 VRA Champion Scott Dinger, @014 point leader Mike Stanford, David Heurung and Sam Garvin. Two heat races were run with wins going to David Heurung and Scott Dinger.

To end the night a 8 car Demolition Derby was contested. On this night the banging and crashing lasted 8 minutes with Eric Mulay as the last car running taking the $1,500 winners check. Finishing second through fifth were Billy "O" Owezeski,, Vince Bledsoe, Darren Loe and Jake Bledsoe.

We also want to thank all the competitors, crews and fans who came out to make the FAIR event one of the best ever. Ventura Raceway will now take a couple of weeks off until August 23 when we return to racing action after the FAIR has completed its run. On that night VRA Sprint Cars will contest the next Battle At The Beach Race. Also competing on that night will be, VRA Senior Sprints, VRA Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, VRA Sport Compacts and our VRA Kids Classes.  

Ventura Raceway Race Results for 07/30/2014

VRA Pro Dwarf Cars
Race #9 07/30/2014

Main Event Results: 1. Tim Conley, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 2. David Taft, Ramona, 20 Laps; 3. Brian Saxton, Mentone, 20 Laps; 4. Michael Tobiason, San Diego, 20 Laps; 5. Reece Shelton, 20 Laps; 6. Bob Brown Jr, El Cajon, 20 Laps; 7. Tommy Velasquez III, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 8. Johnny Conley, Oxnard, 20 Laps; 9. Tommy Velasquez, Camarillo, 20 Laps; 10. Mike Neal, Northridge, 20 Laps; 11. David Conley, 20 Laps; 12. Curt Cook, Santa Paula, 17 Laps; 13. Chase Lippert, Thousand Oaks, 15 Laps; 14. Mike Lewis, Sunland, 15 Laps; 15. Austin Weiland, El Cajon, 15 Laps; 16. Darren Bent, San Diego, 13 Laps; 17. Hannah Mayhew, Acton, Ca, 11 Laps; 18. Jason Horton, Oxnard, 11 Laps; 19. Ricky Lewis, Oxnard, 8 Laps; 20. Corbin Hames, Oak View, 8 Laps; 21. Eric Moore, Oak View, 0 Laps; 22. Jeremy Marsh, Ridgecrest, 0 Laps
Lap Leaders: Johnny Conley (1-4), Bob Brown Jr (5-12), Tim Conley (13-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Curt Cook; Heat 2: Tim Conley; Heat 3: Bob Brown Jr; Heat 4: Hannah Mayhew

Top 10 in points: 1. Brian Saxton, 1650; 2. Johnny Conley, 1545; 3. Tommy Velasquez III, 1465; 4. Tommy Velasquez, 1430; 5. Tim Conley, 1415; 6. Devin McCree, 1265; 7. Eric Moore, 1260; 8. Jonathan Henry, 1115; 9. Ricky Lewis, 1110; 10. Hannah Mayhew, 1070


VRA Hobby Stocks
Race #9 07/30/2014

Main Event Results: 1. Doug Thornton, Santa Maria, 20 Laps; 2. Scott Dinger, Simi Valley, 20 Laps; 3. Mike Stanford, 20 Laps; 4. David Heurung, 20 Laps; 5. Sam Garvin, Oxnard, 17 Laps; 6. Ernie Malone, Ojai, 16 Laps; 7. Jesse James Verdun, 4 Laps; 8. Cameron Dougan, Camarillo, 2 Laps; 9. Tom Stephens Jr, Ventura, Did not start; 10. Gary Curtis, Camarillo, Did not show; 11. Tom Smith, Norco, Did not show
Lap Leaders: Doug Thornton (1-20)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: David Heurung; Heat 2: Scott Dinger

Top 10 in points: 1. Mike Stanford, 1845; 2. Ernie Malone, 1825; 3. Curtis Dietzsch, 1775; 4. Cameron Dougan, 1740; 5. David Heurung, 1625; 6. Tom Stephens Jr, 1480; 7. Jesse James Verdun, 1430; 8. Sam Garvin, 1080; 9. Gary Curtis, 785; 10. Robert Lawler, 370


IMCA Modifieds
Race #11 07/30/2014

Main Event Results: 1. Danny Lauer, Nipomo, 30 Laps; 2. Cody Laney, Torrance, 30 Laps; 3. Daylan Coffey, Santa Maria, 30 Laps; 4. Troy Morris Jr, Bakersfield, 30 Laps; 5. Larry Hood, Bakersfield, 30 Laps; 6. Joshua Vogt, Santa Maria, 30 Laps; 7. Brad Pounds, Bakersfield, 30 Laps; 8. Aaron Rodarte, Ventura, 30 Laps; 9. Austin Rodarte, Ventura, 30 Laps; 10. Kyle Heckman, Nipomo, 30 Laps; 11. Chet Reeves, Bakersfield, 30 Laps; 12. Jack Parker, Simi Valley, 30 Laps; 13. Ryan Lauer, Santa Maria, 30 Laps; 14. Robbie Witwer, Ridgecrest, 30 Laps; 15. Donald Houghton, Rosamond, 30 Laps; 16. Mark Davis, Ventura, 30 Laps; 17. Josh Evans, San Bernardino, 19 Laps; 18. Brad Prows, Oak View, 16 Laps; 19. Chris Crompe, Nipomo, 14 Laps; 20. Joe Weaver, Ventura, 12 Laps; 21. Billy Griffin, Buena Park, 11 Laps; 22. Andrew Phipps, Simi Valley, 6 Laps
Lap Leaders: Danny Lauer (1-30)

Heat Race Winners: Heat 1: Jack Parker; Heat 2: Kyle Heckman; Heat 3: Austin Rodarte; Heat 4: Troy Morris Jr

Top 10 in points: 1. Joshua Vogt, 421; 2. Robbie Witwer, 383; 3. Jack Parker, 375; 4. David Phipps, 354; 5. Donald Houghton, 347; 6. Andrew Phipps, 327; 7. Dennis Eckert, 318; 8. Brad Prows, 257; 9. Mark Davis, 233; 10. James Stowe, 225


 Race #1 07/30/2014
1. Eric Mulay #16, 2. Billy O #288, 3. Vince Bledsoe#6, 4. Darren Lee #82, 5. Jake Bledsoe#87, 6. Cory Dickerson #7, 7. Jake Wresman #2, 
8. Lee McGowan #911

Report Created by Ventura Raceway Scoring Program
Report Created: 08/05/2014 08:12

7 VRA Sprint Cars, Senior Sprints, IMCA Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Sport Compacts, Mod Lites, Focus Midgets & Go-Karts
21 VRA Sprint Cars, Senior Sprints, Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Go-Karts, Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs
28 AMA Speedway Bike National Championship Round  ( Special Event Prices )

12 ARP Battle at the Beach - VRA Sprint Cars, Senior Sprints, Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Focus Midgets Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs
19 VRA Sprint Cars, Senior Sprints, IMCA Modifieds, Sport Compacts, Mod Lites, Focus Midgets & Go-Karts
30 VENTURA COUNTY FAIR Pro Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Demolition Derby

23 ARP Battle at the Beach - VRA Sprint Cars, Senior Sprints, Dwarf Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Sport Compacts, Mod Lites, Focus Midgets, Junior Midgets & Mini Dwarfs
30 Motorcycles, Quads & Speedway Bikes

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